sangha:   Pali/Sanskrit word meaning association, assembly, community, most commonly referencing Buddhist practicing communities.


Having spent years wholesaling ritual items to dharma centers for practice, we asked how could share these really good,  really high quality dharma items direct to practitioners at good prices and still benefit dharma centers?


Simple.   Practitioners need places to find altar items, drums, bells, and more to support their practice.   SanghaShop.com  has these items for practice support, and each sale directly supports a selected sangha.

It is a big undertaking to create, stock, and service an online store, (we know) and many dharma centers, especially smaller ones, simply don’t have these resources. 


Wanting to share this service with more practitioners, giving good prices for good products compiled with the desire to support the dharma and the sangha, was the intention from which SanghaShop was born.

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