Chöd, with it's hypnotic beat of a drum and bell, has been practiced for almost a thousand years.  The haunting melody and bristling visualizations are orchestrated to develop egolessness and compassion in the meditator.  

The word chöd literally means to cut or sever.  In the practice this refers to cutting one's own attachment to oneself.  Attachment, anger, and ignorance cloud one's view of non-dualism and are seen as 'demons' in chöd.  These demons are fed, satisfied, and transformed through the power of the meditator's visualization and practice.  By offering that which is most precious, one's own body, in the visualization freedom from self-clinging is realized and compassion for suffering beings generated. 

Proper transmission is required to pass the blessings and method from teacher to student for the practice of chöd.Sangha Shop Logo Three Jewels Gold