CASHMERE - is one of the rarest natural fibers in the world. It is technically hair and not wool which gives it a unique, unmistakable feel.

The word cashmere comes from the old spelling for Kashmir because it is there that it was first woven by hand into shawls for Indian and European royalty.   Most of the world's cashmere now comes from the Himalayan mountain goat that makes its home in the frigid, arid Gobi Desert.  

The KAYA COLLECTION uses cashmere that is harvested and processed in Inner Mongolia.  It is then hand woven and screen printed by expert artisans in Nepal.


LINEN - is inherently ecological as it requires no irrigation and very little chemical treatment.

For centuries flax has been grown and transformed into linen throughout Belgium, whose climate is uniquely suited to producing the very best fibers.  

The linen is selected for it's suppleness and softness, which allows it to pair perfectly with cashmere to produce shawls that are both durable and incredibly luxurious.  

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Cashmere - How to Care