All the cashmere, and cashmere and linen items may be dry cleaned, but the better option is hand-washing.   

To wash, fill a clean bowl or sink with cold water.  Warm or hot water will make cashmere shrink.  Add a little shampoo (cashmere is hair) or mild detergent and stir it around.  Soak the item for a few minutes.  Never rub or twist or wring.  Rinse in clean cold water, then roll gently wrapping into a clean towel to soak up as much water as possible.  Dry flat, or over a shower curtain rod.  Never on a clothes line as this will leave a crease.  Air dry.  Use a hot steam iron with towel covering to remove wrinkles.   

To store your cashmere, and cashmere and linen items, clean first, wrap in tissue paper, then place in the original silk pouch or in a storage bag that is breathable. 

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